We’re Putting the “Radio” Back into “Kwatsan Radio”!

KR Relaunch App Details Cover Photo 02282013

After a nearly two-year hiatus from broadcasting its unique mix of music and cultural content, the crew at Kwatsan Radio is once again using the Internet to reach fans through their computers, notepads, and smartphones.  The relaunch is set for 12 midnight on March 1, 2013.  That’s 0000 hours, fans!

You can access Kwatsan Radio’s online signal in several ways.  In fact, if you’re reading this blurb, then you’re already engaged in one effective way—visiting our website!  Look on the right-hand side of the page and you’ll see “KWATSAN RADIO 24/7”, with a list of the top players available.  Click on the link appropriate for your device and you’ll be rocking with Kwatsan Radio in no time.

The other ways of getting at Kwatsan Radio’s indigenous-minded content is through devices many fans find indispensible—notepads and smartphones.  Kwatsan Radio is now truly mobile, allowing you to take care of business while remaining connected to all the shows and personalities that you enjoyed.  The music is back with shows such as “Modern Mischief”, hosted by DJ BGS, bringing indie rock back full-force, and new shows such as “Island Smash” by DJ K-Rock and “Three Little Indians” by Mic Titan, Thrillhouse, and Divine Wind.  And don’t forget about connecting with Kwatsan culture through shows like “REZalution Solution” by Dan Golding.

Patty Hearst w Assault Rifle Orange Profile 2The Kwatsan Radio crew is also hooking up its fans with some of Native America’s favorite content, with the assistance of Native Voice One.

NV1 Logo

This means fans can now hear “Native America Calling”, “National Native News”, and “American Indian Living” by tuning into Kwatsan Radio.

NAC Logo

The Kwatsan Radio crew also knows that many, many fans appreciate the convenience of viewing Kwatsan Radio’s wall on Facebook.  With so much information and interesting dialogue between fans, it’s no mystery why.  So next time you’re there, try out the new pop-out Kwatsan Radio player!

So give the new and improved Kwatsan Radio a listen.  We’re sure you’ll find something that you’ll like.  And be sure to tell your friends, too!



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