Vote for Hope Festival III Helps Kwatsan Voters Learn About the Candidates

On Saturday, November 24, 2012, Kwatsan Radio produced the Vote for Hope Festival III, providing an opportunity for candidates in the upcoming Tribal Council election to share their perspectives and plans with the Tribe’s voters.  Kwatsan Radio also streamed the event over the Internet in an effort to help our off-Reservation family learn more about those candidate who seek their votes.  Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties and the video quality was poor with a lot of drops.  We’ve got Part One of the event here as an audio file for you to listen to, without all of that jerky video.  There are some skips, though, as a result of the drops.  But there’s quite a lot here that you may find helpful as you make your choices in this election.

Click on the icon below to listen to Part One:

Here’s an index to Part One:

2:11 – Lucinda Polk

5:35 – Claudette’s question to Lucinda (Should the Elder Plan payments be cut?)

6:56 – Lucinda’s answer

8:21 – Claudette’s introduction for opening statements

8:34 – Kenrick Escalanti

12:49 – Virgil Smith

13:57 – Emilio Escalanti

16:28 – Wayne Chaipos, Jr.

19:41 – Shawn Porter

22:51 – Cody Hartt

24:50 – Claudette reads candidate list

We’re working on additional parts, and we’ll be posting them up here so keep checking back for more!  Get informed, share with your family and friends, and GO VOTE!

JUST ADDED!  Two more parts are ready for YOU!

Click on the icon below to listen to Part Two:

Part Two features Fort Yuma’s own Willard Golding, Sr., and the Roadrunners, singing some bird songs to keep us all grounded and connected to our culture.

Click on the icon below to listen to Part Three:

Here’s an index to Part Three:

0:03 – DJ BGS

1:52 – Claudette’s first question (Should the Elder Plan payments be cut?)

2:55 – Emilio’s answer

5:03 – Wayne’s answer

6:57 – Kenrick’s answer

7:52 – Virgil’s answer

8:45 – Shawn’s answer

9:19 – Cody’s answer

10:30 – Claudette’s second question (What skills, education, and experience do you have and how have they prepared you to serve on the Council?)

11:23 – Cody’s answer

12:08 – Shawn’s answer

13:46 – Virgil’s answer

15:32 – Kenrick’s answer

16:04 – Wayne’s answer

17:47 – Emilio’s answer

18:32 – Claudette’s third question (Who knows who the Secretary of the Interior is?)

19:50 – Claudette’s fourth question (Who has read the Tribal Constitution?)


More parts to be added as soon as we can get ’em edited, converted, and uploaded!  Be sure to let your family and friends know that NOW they have more access to the candidates than ever before!



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