Big Storms Pass Through Yuma Area; Power Outages; River Rises

A couple of young Kwatsan men check out the rising Colorado River from its shore near the Quechan Tribe’s Elder Village at Sunrise Point Park, 07/15/2012.

Hi there, Kwatsan Radio fans!  DJ BGS here.  In case you hadn’t heard, the Yuma area was visited by a big storm Friday evening, 07/13/2012, that dropped a little over half of the average annual rainfall on your relatives.  Don’t worry—we’re all dry now!  Though some of us were quite sweaty after the power went out for upwards of six hours on the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation and a couple of areas in Yuma, too.  A few sought shelter in the Quechan Tribe’s Paradise Event Center, which the Tribe’s emergency response people—with the Tribal Council’s support—opened up as a cooling center for people affected by the hot and sticky weather and the loss of power.  Good thing those backup generators at the Paradise Casino are kept in great working order!

The storms didn’t just hit us here in the Yuma area.  We received word from our fans and relatives in the Phoenix area, too.  We learned from them that big storms were hitting them and dropping a lot of rain water on the ground.  When that water hits the ground, it eventually finds its way to the washes, gullies, streams, and rivers.  So with all that rain water dropping on the great state of Arizona, its no wonder that the Colorado River at the Yuma Crossing is up quite high yesterday and today.  It’s amazing!

If you’re traveling around or enjoying the waters of the Colorado River, be safe out there and have fun!  Don’t forget your Kwatsan Radio t-shirt!


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