Video World Premiere of “Almost Lover” from Recording Artist Heart Hays!!

Singing sensation, Heart Hays, opens her heart in a deeply personal song, “Almost Lover,” in her first music video, debuting here today. Heart’s versatility, her passion for her craft, and her unique voice combine to create a haunting video experience. Heart’s intensity, reflected in her native roots, mark this as an inimitable performance, a gift from a loving heart. By dedicating this video to her dear friend, Scotty Dugan, Heart is determined to mark his place in the world in the way he would most have appreciated and loved. This is also a thank you to her fans, who will see this as only one small aspect of her talent, and an introduction to future fans, who will be surprised by her range of styles and abilities. Sing on, Heart!

Here’s our interview with Heart Hays, enjoy!

Click for Interview –  Heart Hays

Click for World Premier Video –



  1. Love it, girl!

  2. The video was great and I loved the part where you want to help others, keep up the awesome work and you’ve got a lot of people behind you.

  3. Susan Whitley says:

    Beautiful! Simply Beautiful!

  4. Reblogged this on hearthaysblog.

  5. Heart Hays is an artist, we support all artists Native, Non-Native, or just Native Appreciated 😉

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