And Now…Something for the Band Geeks!

DJ BGS here!  Over the past couple of days on Kwatsan Radio’s Facebook wall, you can find mention of the Quechan Indian Band and a documentary film, “Sousa on the Rez”, which looks at Indian bands of the past and present.  These subjects interest me as an old band geek, and I’m inspired to share a little clip of my trombone playing.  Sure, it’s a little rusty, but go ahead, have a listen!  Can you name that tune?

If you haven’t yet heard about “Sousa on the Rez”, you can learn more about this movie and its planned release in late 2012 on Facebook ( or at

Do you play a band instrument?  Shake the shyness and share a snippet of your talent, right here on Kwatsan Radio!



  1. Thank you for the article. My grandfather, the late Fred Emerson, was a band geek too. Although, I never thought of him as a geek. :D. Anyhoot, thanks for the link, I’ll be checking it out and looking for my Grandpa and his horn (trombone)!

    Oh, and I enjoyed your trombone snipet. The theme to “The Family Guy,” was a hoot. Thanks DJ BGS.

  2. James O'Brien says:

    Very nice, I played with about half of the pictured members 35 or so years ago. We played a lot of Sousa and Marches. Thats my my Grandpa on the lower right, he played bass drum, Albert O’Brien Sr., my Dad(JR) and uncle (Chuck) played snare, I also played snare for a while, switching to alto sax later. Those days we would follow the pow-wows, Indian Fairs and Indian rodeos, or perform for our past band members that had passed away. We played all over Arizona- Prescott, Flagstaff, Sacaton, Window Rock, Salt River, Parker, Laveen, Phoenix, Yuma, Somerton. We played downtown Los Angeles,CA, Gallup, NM. I miss playing with the old crew. George B, Ollie C, Fred E, Elmer E, Christine E, Cynthia E, Iggy, Andy M, Fritz B, The Parker Band would always help fill in when they were available, we were always short a trumpet player, Alvin L would always come thru for us. The Reams(Selwyn, Lyle, Fernando, Fernanda, Alfred) from Sacaton would be there too. I know there are more names that I cant remember(sorry). As they say “Those were the good ole days”

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