Artist Profile – Dustin Warner

DJ BGS here!  Miss me?  Well, I’m back, and I’m stoked to share with you another Artist Profile, exclusively for Kwatsan Radio and fans like you!

Dustin Warner is a Quechan/Navajo Indian whose love for playing music is currently expressed through Selanum, a hard rock band that he’s played with since 2010.  DJ BGS recently caught up with Dustin in cyberspace and wanted to know a bit more about him, his band, and his music.  Here’s what went down during our digital conversation.

DJ BGS:  Hey, Dustin!  Let the people know something about you and your music.

Dustin:  Sure, DJ BGS!  I am Quechan and Navajo on my dad’s side and French, German, and English on my mom’s side.  I live in Riverside, California, which is just a few hours from the Rez.

DJ BGS:  Cool!  How about this rockin’ band?  What’s going on with that?

Dustin:  My band is called Selanum. They formed in early 2010 and I joined in late 2010, with me playing bass and providing back-up vocals. We are a hard rock group and our songs and lyrics are pretty much an open forum. No topic is off-limits!

DJ BGS:  Wow!  Sounds like something expressive and real.  Something we need more of.  Tell us more about your songs.

Dustin:  Personally I tend to write songs that deal with personal, sociological, or political fallacies that I feel need to be addressed in order to progress the human race.

DJ BGS:  You also enjoy performing and playing live shows, right?  Any special places you’ve performed at with Selanum?

Dustin:  Playing live is what it’s all about.  We rocked the infamous Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood last year.  Now that was a cool gig!

DJ BGS:  Has music always been a part of your life?

Dustin:  Oh, yeah.  I began playing music in the 5th grade (17 years ago), and I played through high school. While there, I got to play in different parts of the US as well as Australia. In those years, I was exposed to all kinds of music from all kinds of people. From classical to rap to rock to metal to bird songs, I listened to it all and just took it all in. All of that influences me one way or another. Music is a huge part of my life and I embrace it fully.

DJ BGS:  It’s clear that music truly affects you.

Dustin:  For me, it’s the best way to communicate ideas and emotions because I’m not very good otherwise.  Hahaha!

DJ BGS:  Hahaha!  I hear you on that, Dustin!  Okay, Dustin.  Thanks so much for talking with me and helping Kwatsan Radio fans learn more about some of the amazing Quechan artists we’ve got out and about in the world.  Best of luck to you!

Dustin:  Thank you, DJ BGS.  Kwatsan Radio ROCKS!

There you have it, Kwatsan Radio fans!  Check out Dustin’s band Selanum on Facebook at:  They’ve got music there, as well as more about the band and upcoming shows.

We’ve also got a couple of Selanum’s tunes RIGHT HERE for you!


“My Day”


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