Artist Profile – Fredrick Andrews

Kwatsan Radio is pleased to share with you some of wonderful flute music being made by Fredrick Andrews, a Quechan/Hopi Indian who is also the owner of Yaapa’ Studio, based in Second Mesa, Arizona.  Fredrick recently spent some time on the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation to visit family and he made a point of contacting Kwatsan Radio’s very own DJ BGS so we could let everyone know what Fredrick and Yaapa’ Studio is up to these days.

DJ BGS:  Hi, Fredrick!  Please tell me about yourself, your Tribal background, your music, and your studio.

Fredrick:  Hello, DJ BGS!  Glad to have a chance to share with you and the Kwatsan Radio fans.  I am Quechan and Hopi, and I live out in Hopi Country, Second Mesa, Arizona.  My Grandmother is Myra Andrews.  I have a couple of CDs to share.  The first CD is entitled, “Yoi Mas-sa, Wings of the Rain”, and it contains my original flute music.  The other CD, “Break-up to Make-Up”, features the music of Edward Nequatewa, a nephew of mine who is also from Hopi Country.  Edward is Hopi, 20 years old, and sings with the Hopi pow-wow group, The Sun Star Singers.  And ladies, he’s single!  He has been singing for about 8 years.  This is his first solo album and is working on his second.

DJ BGS:  How about sharing a little bit about your studio?

Fredrick:  Okay!  I have started up a little recording studio out here in Second Mesa called “YAAPA STUDIO”. It’s already been going for 3 years now.  I have recorded an artist by the name of “Moontee Sinquah”, and I just recently worked with the pow-wow group, “Cathedral Lakes Singers”.  My studio has a page here on Facebook, so be sure to “Like” it!

DJ BGS:  I really enjoy your music.  Have you been playing long?

Fredrick:  I have been performing for nearly 18 years and have performed at the University Of Notre Dame in 1997, then in Chihuahua, Mexico, in 2004, and also performed for Bishops of the Catholic Church, Tibetan Monks, and Tribal dignitaries.  In March 2012, I will be traveling to Osaka, Japan, to perform at the Minpaku Museum of Ethnology.  Oh, and remember that CD of mine I shared with you?  That CD is my second, and I’m currently working on my third CD, and it’s scheduled to be released in 2012.  I would like it if you did put up a clip from each of CDs I left with you.

DJ BGS:  You got it, Fredrick!  Thanks for the info and the music.  I’ll try to get this written up in the next few days and posted.

Fredrick:  Thank you!  I look forward to seeing it on Kwatsan Radio. Thanks again!

For more information about Yaapa Studios, be sure to visit their wall on Facebook here:

Here’s a beautiful song from Fredrick’s CD, “Yoi Mas-sa, Wings of the Rain”.  The song is called, “Mah-si Kwa-yoo”, and it’s Track 13 from that CD.

And here’s something unique from Edward Nequatewa’s CD, “Break-up to Make-Up”.  Here’s “All Dem Girlz”.  Enjoy!


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