Are you still up for some more “Modern Mischief”?

Ask and you shall receive!  Here’s Show #3, originally aired on 04/11/2010, and mixed together by DJ BGS.  Check out this fine batch of tunes.

Part 1:  “Friendly Ghost”, by Harlem; “Stranger”, by Dr. Dog; “Cold Spring”, by Cymbals Eat Guitars; “Oh Centra”, by Javelin.

Part 2:  “Hollywood”, by Codeine Velvet Club; “Give Up the Ghosts”, by Motion Turns It On; “Subliminal Message”, by Happy Birthday.

Part 3:  “Breakneck Speed”, by Tokyo Police Club; “Fireworks”, by Polock; “Raindrops”, by Grand Hallway.

Part 4:  “Black Sheep”, by Suckers; “Frisbee in the Rain”, by The Catholic Comb; “Backstreet Lovers”, by The Crookes; “Drunk Girls”, by LCD Soundsystem.

And please don’t forget — let us know how you like the music!


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