Need your Modern Mischief fix?

DJ BGS here.  Miss me?  Been longing for some mischief…some Modern Mischief?  Well, here you go!  Episode 1, originally aired in March 2010, is here in 4 parts!

Part 1:  “We Are the Men (You’ll Grow to Love Soon)”, by Let’s Wrestle; “Toomerhead”, by The Coathangers; “Arm Over Arm”, by Screaming Females; “Real”, by Four O’Clock Balloon.

Part 2:  “Loxtep”, by Annuals; “Love is All”, by Repetition; “Young Hearts Spark Fire”, by Japandroids; “If This is Love”, by Darlings.

Part 3:  “Hope Child”, by Free Energy; “Heaven’s on Fire”, by The Radio Dept.; “Deny All”, by Bettie Serveert; “Cut Off Your Hands”, by Turn Cold; “Clew Haywood”, by The Octagon.

Part 4:  “Quiet Little Voices”, by We Were Promised Jetpacks; “Pink Sabbath”, by Dananananaykroyd; “Running Away”, by The Perms; “King Basement”, by Thunderhawks.

Give my show a listen and let me know what you think by sharing your comments below!  Remember…this was my first show on Kwatsan Radio, so be gentle!  Hahahaha!


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