REPEAT AFTER ME: Kwatsan Words/Phrases

Kumathum! (Hello) In this posting you will be able to listen to our Words/Phrases provided by you our listener. Enjoy and try to use these words in your everyday life with your family and loved ones!!

Nyuunxa! (See you later) – Kwatsan Radio Family

Ka’theek – Come here

Ka’nuk – Sit down

Xya Tu’uup – Swimming

Na’ay-Father (female)

Kavook-Stand up


Nyuunxa – See you later

Counting 1-5 with Keely

Matheek Axwett, Red Beans

Xatalwe, Coyote by Thrill House

Avil E’emoom, I’m going to the hill

Axot Moovak, I’m well, how are you?

Kwenamii, Warrior by: SPC David Salinas US Army (Kwatsan)



  1. Tanya Cooper says:

    Can you repeat the word nyuunxa – see you later – Thanks

  2. Danny S says:

    Thanks Kwatsan Radio for the, “Word of the Day”. I appreciate having the a ability to learn our language, anyway I can. Thanks again.

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