These Days on the Rez…

Kawits kuumaduum? I’m Brian Golding, Sr., and I’m happy to announce that all 3 parts of “These Days on the Rez” are uploaded and ready for you to listen to! This episode was originally broadcast on Kwatsan Radio in July 2010. In “These Days on the Rez”, I share with you some of my thoughts about issues and happenings likely to be of interest to many of Kwatsan Radio’s fans. In this episode, subjects include teen depression, the graduation of DJ K-Rock from the American Indian Ambassadors program, the annual clash of the modern and the traditional at our July 4th Celebration, among other things. Give it a listen! And feel free to continue the conversation with us here at Kwatsan Radio.


Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Part 3: 



  1. Yes it is

  2. m. Escalanti says:

    I am so glad you touched on the subject of music and culture clashing at the community events. I also felt that it was disrespectful, it was very hard to hear the tradtional songs because the band was drowning them out. If we are going to schedule tradtional singing, it should be our main focus of the event. Thanks for the insight.

  3. Jenn Herrera says:

    Right on to addressing the issue of the clash of the traditional singing and the band in the background. I was there “trying” to listen to the singers and was annoyed and embarrassed that there was other music playing at the same time. It was frustrating. I give credit to those who plan these events, however, this is an issue that needs to be addressed and should not happen again in the future.

    LOVE THE NEW LOOK/SITE! Also the word/phrase of the day – what a great way for those of us who do not speak the language, to learn just by stopping by KWATSANRADIO.ORG! Keep up the great work! THANK YOU!

  4. Keep doin it scuv!

  5. Dreams have been made into a negative belief. Calling children “day-dreamers” as a negative helps set up the dialogue for the future. I have always believed that my voice that comes through in my dreams was something imperative to my existence. My Grandfather was recently part of a dream so significant that it has changed the course of my life. Discussing ones dreams with others helps build a dialogue with others where we can see the commonalities that we share and to build the fabric that binds our lives.

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