Band Showcase! Kamikaze Democracy

Kamikaze Democracy

Hometown: Ft. Yuma
Genres: Alternative / Hip Hop / Indie

Members: Divine Wind (Kwatsan) – Lead Vox, Thrillhouse (Kwatsan) – Guitar/Drums, Danger Dave – Drums/Guitar, Kyle Money (Kwatsan) – Low End

Who are Kamikaze Democracy?
We are musicians with similar goals, and ambitions. We came together from dismembered bands, and formed like Voltron! Yuma’s Rejects by our own choice united to form our own interpretation of what a real band should sound like. Defeating all forms of conformity, and assimilation. The purpose of our unity is to abolish categorizing and placement. We yield to no genre! We dream to the beat of a heart that breaks for the love of music and making a forever lasting impression.

Take a listen to some LIVE tracks courtesy of Kamikaze Democracy!



  1. Rosa Long says:

    Thank you for your support of K.D. awesome!!!

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