Like countless Native Americans throughout the country, living with Type 2 Diabetes has become almost second nature. If your native reading this post you either have Type 2 Diabetes or knows someone directly from your family who is living with it. Our very own Rayna Madero was just diagnosed and is now changing her lifestyle for the better, by doing her part in Living with Type 2 Diabetes.

Watch her Journey…..



  1. Rayna Madero says:

    This video log is helping me because am not only watching what I eat for myself and family but showing all of you can do it has well.
    A friend close to me said when I broke down and started to feel sorry for myself said, ” you already cried now let’s not show your body and yourself any more weakness.” I love you Mando and thank you for being my Rock…

  2. rayna madero says:

    Woke up this morning to some crazy work out with Mando and a little jog! But it paid off to a wonderful breakfast.

  3. Rayna, I just wanted to let you know that we here at the Quechan Special Diabetes Project will be here to help you with any support/information you may need. You will get the hang of the workouts – Lisa

  4. Yolanda DeCorse says:

    thank you and your family for taking the time to let us know that we too need to deal with our health problems. My brother recently found out he was a diabetic and is taking he’s med’s. He has changed his diet and making changes too. As your mother said……”We should of been dead………. His sugar was at 800, if it wasn’t for an abcess he had the doctor look at he would have never known. So , again thank youl and your family for getting the word out.

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