Taking the First Step! Part.1

(In this photo: Kenrick Escalanti, Bryant Mc Neely, Linda and Erica Benk, and Mark Escalanti)

As life always works, as soon as I make the commitment to start living and eating a better life, help comes calling. My mawii (Cousin) Mark Escalanti hits me up with a text that reads, “How’s the knee u ready for a 5K yet”

Of course I replied NO, but after realizing that I made a life commitment to living and eating better I decided to do it. What my mawii got me into was the Inaugural Rojas & Clark 5K Memorial Fun Run and Walk. Man was not ready for this!! But as soon as I put on my earbuds and selected my Earth Lessons from Kwatsan Radio’s very own DJ Sqeme!!! I was good to go.

Three miles later and I can now say I have made the first step to living and eating better and I owe it to my mawii Mark “Marky” Escalanti for giving me the push I needed. Now I am ready to make my steps into strides!

By the way I have no worries saying that I wasn’t First and I wasn’t Last!!

Here’s another great example of a fellow Kwatsan Native taking her steps to living better. Enjoy this Clip of EDA’s own Allyson Collins working it out!!



  1. Hey way to go out there today you all did a great job we would like to thank all you that support B n RAGE’d Running Society with the taco sales and we will continue to sell so we can run in long beach

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